Marina Yacht wear high performance uniforms

Marina Yacht Wear Yacht crew uniforms

Environmentally Conscious High Performance Crew Wear

Marina Yacht Wear is revolutionizing the yachting industry with
our collection of ecological crew wear designed exclusively
for yacht crews.
We work in collaboration with yacht crew members to ensure
that our collection provides each crew with a cohesive and
luxury collection that meets all yachting needs.
Our mission is to elevate the yachting experience by
transforming traditional workwear into practical luxury wear
for all crews!
Our stylish and easy care collection is designed in house
in our studio in Nice to provide all crew members with the
upmost comfort and practicality. This is why we use innovative
technical fabrics that are breathable, stretch , wrinkle free,
stain and water resistant, quick dry and rated UPF 50 for built
in sun protection.



At Marina Yacht Wear, our commitment to sustainability drives us to create crew wear that not only looks and feels good but also does good for the environment. Our green policy outlines our dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring that our products and processes contribute positively to the planet. We aim to lead the yachting industry with eco-friendly innovations, ethical sourcing, and responsible manufacturing.

Sustainable Materials

1. Eco-friendly Fabrics: We prioritize using eco-friendly materials such as technical engineered recycled fabrics and organic fabrics. These sustainable materials are chosen for their low environmental impact, durability, and comfort, making our crew wear both luxurious and responsible.

2. Recycled and Organic Fibers: Our garments incorporate recycled polyester and organic cotton. By utilizing these materials, we significantly reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and lower our carbon footprint.

Ethical Production

1. Fair Labor Practices: We ensure all our products are manufactured under fair labor conditions, adhering to stringent European labor laws. Our production partners follow ethical guidelines, including fair wages, safe working environments, and respect for workers’ rights.

2. Local and Responsible Sourcing: We source materials and manufacture products locally whenever possible. This supports local economies and reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation.

3. Waste Reduction: We are committed to minimizing waste throughout our production process. This includes efficient material use, recycling fabric scraps, and implementing minimal and recyclable packaging solutions.

Sustainable Design

1. Longevity and Durability: Our yacht uniforms are designed for long-lasting use. High-quality, durable garments reduce the need for frequent replacements, lowering overall environmental impact.

2. Timeless and Functional Style: We focus on creating timeless designs that remain stylish and functional over time. This approach counters the fast fashion trend, encouraging sustainable consumption.

Green Operations

1. Energy Efficiency: We strive to reduce energy consumption in all our operations. This includes using energy-efficient lighting, optimizing production processes, and investing in renewable energy sources where possible.

2. Water Conservation: Our production processes are designed to minimize water usage. We implement water-saving technologies and practices to ensure the responsible use of this precious resource.

3. Carbon Reduction: We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by optimizing logistics, promoting local production, and adopting sustainable practices across our supply chain.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

1. Innovation in Sustainability: We continuously research and implement innovative sustainable practices and materials. Our goal is to lead the industry in eco-friendly yacht wear solutions.

2. Transparency and Responsibility: We maintain transparency in our operations and supply chain, ensuring our customers are informed about the sustainability of our products. We regularly audit and review our practices to align with our environmental goals.

3. Community and Environmental Engagement:

We actively engage with environmental initiatives and support community efforts to promote sustainability. Our dedication extends beyond our products to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

Ecological Yacht crew uniforms