Stew epaulettes


Yacht epaulettes, also known as shoulder boards or rank badges, are a crucial aspect of nautical attire worn by those working on a yacht. These small, yet important, items are worn on the shoulders of a sailor uniform and indicate their rank and position on the yacht.

Epaulettes come in a variety of styles and designs, depending on the rank and position of the sailor. They are typically made of high-quality materials such as gold or silver bullion, and feature intricate embroidery and embellishments. Some epaulettes also feature stripes, which can indicate the sailor years of service or other relevant information.

When choosing yacht epaulettes, it is important to consider the quality of the materials used. This is because the epaulettes will be exposed to the elements, and must be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the sea. Additionally, the epaulettes should be easy to clean and maintain.

Epaulettes on a yacht are badges or insignia worn by crew members to indicate their rank or position. They are typically worn on the shoulders of a uniform and may include different colors, stripes, or symbols to indicate different levels of authority or responsibility. Common epaulette designs include:

  • Captain: A solid gold bar or stripe on both shoulders
  • First Mate: A gold bar or stripe on one shoulder
  • Engineer: A gold or silver bar or stripe with a technical symbol
  • Deckhand: A single stripe or no epaulette
  • Steward/Stewardess: A stripe with a symbol of a fork and spoon

Epaulette designs may vary depending on the yacht company or owner, so these are just some examples.