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About our Yacht uniforms


Everyone wants to wear the best yacht uniform, and you can help them out.

Yacht uniforms have been trending upwards for the last few years. Everyone wants to wear their yacht uniform with pride and be the best dressed crew. They want to be able to stand out from the crowd and show people what they are all about.

In the yachting industry, yacht uniforms are unique; in that they must be elegant, comfortable and durable. The style of yacht uniforms are typically timeless, which means that yacht crews will look good even after many years. The first thing to think about is the type of fabric regarding your uniform requirements, normally yacht crew uniforms need to be made with quick dry and technical fabrics.

Marina Yacht Wear has produced its collection in direct partnership with yacht crew members to ensure that the collection is functional and specifically made to cater to all yachting needs.

We are also completely committed to respecting the environment and ensuring that all our factories adhere to all labor laws, this is why we carefully choose our manufacturing partners. 

Yacht uniforms by Marina Yacht wear


The world of yachting is the epitome of luxury and class, where first impressions are everything.

Our uniforms can be personalized with embroidery or digital printing to ensure that each yacht crew has their own unique personalized uniforms. This is also very important for the representation of the yacht.

Although the textile industry has gotten greener over the years, the yachting industry still contributes to a lot of the marine pollution.  Marina yacht wear proposes a new approach regarding yacht uniforms by designing its own collection made from recycled and organic fabrics. By choosing Marina Yacht Wear as your yacht crew uniform brand you are helping clean our oceans.

Our technical and ecological yacht crew uniforms also provide high quality standards, our production is made in Italy, Tunisia, France and Morocco with respectful working conditions.

Consuming high quality environmentally friendly products is the first step in changing consumer habits and helping clean our environments.

By choosing Marina Yacht wear uniforms you tell the world that your yacht crew is environmentally conscious and cares about the environment.

yacht uniforms


Quality control

Before delivery, we carry out very strict quality control and perform extensive testing to ensure that each logo design is of the highest quality.



Once everything has passed our control, we deliver your complete personalized collection directly to you.



All of our embroidery is done in a workshop in Nice close to our design studio. In order to provide all our clients with superior embroidery quality, we use cutting edge technology and the newest Tajima embroidery machines.


Digital Printing

Our workshop uses a double plate press technique. This technique offers long-lasting prints that will not fade with time. All logos can be printed with more than one color, in different dimensions and various fonts and styles.

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